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Thread: Canvas in J2ME

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    Canvas in J2ME

    Hello to everybody:

    I have a little but discomfort problem:

    I am programming a small application in j2me and i am using the Canvas class to represent all what i want in the screen.
    The problem comes when i have i canvas(1º) in my screen and i want to represent another canvas(2º) in the screen.
    Is then when i see a little blinking in the screen (it seems that the next screen(2º) is loading). This thing only happens the first time i represent a canvas (in this case the 2º).

    Somebody knows like eliminating this defect?
    To somebody has happened to him the same?

    I am using a nokia 6630 and this only happens in the phone(not in the emulator)

    Thanks a lot and excuse me because my english is bad.

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    Re: Canvas in J2ME

    This is a screen buffer problem locate on many Nokia s60 2nd edition.
    Maybe you should try to display your screen gradually using the Display.callSerially(Runnable r). This method allow you to make all the working task after your screen has been displayed.
    Thomas GORISSE

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    Re: Canvas in J2ME

    Thank you Musclorpage:
    I will try it, but i think this is the problem.

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