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    Can Package-UID and application UID be the same?

    I am doing final testing and checking of my app and came across the following document.

    The following is an extract:
    The syntax for a package-header item is as follows:
    #{"Component name for language 1", ...}, (package-uid), major, minor, build-number[, package-options, ...]

    The UID value specified in an application's (SISAPP) package header must be unique. It uniquely identifies the SIS file, and is never the same as the application's UID.

    I am using the same value for Package-UID and application UID and so do the example programs and carbide generated projects. Is the documentation wrong?

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    Re: Can Package-UID and application UID be the same?

    To my knowledge it doesn't really matter, but it's better to use different UIDs for clarity.

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    Re: Can Package-UID and application UID be the same?

    The latest automated SymbianSigned testing tool for S60 3rd edition gives the following error message and refuses to continue testing if the SIS UID is different than App UID..

    "Preparation errors :
    The SIS did not contain an application with the same UID as that of SIS."

    I hope someone could give a clear answer on this question that should these UIDs be the same or not.. Does anyone know what is SymbianSigned's opinion on this..? If their testing tool refuses to continue testing, do they accept apps with different UIDs for app and SIS?

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