Hi, I'm porting a project to Symbian v9 and time has come to compile on a device target GCCE UREL.
My project includes a lot of C code common to all platforms (Win32, Linux, Symbian etc), containing lots of implicit casts from void* to, e.g., short int* and struct types.
While these lines are smoothly compiled by gcc on other platforms, on target GCCE UREL within SDK S60_3rd:com.nokia.s60 I get hundreds of errors like:

Error: invalid conversion from `void*' to `short int*' sig.c line 2930.

Is there any way I can tell gcc to ignore these "errors", or anything else I can do to solve the problem without changing hundreds of lines of code and adding explicit casts?
Thanks a lot,

Diego Zanin
Loquendo - www.loquendo.com