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Thread: Bluetooth Phone

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    Bluetooth Phone


    I would like tp interface a GPS receiver to a cell phone via Bluetooth. I am looking for the cheapest phone I could use. I found one which says "low cost" -- it is the 6310i


    When I do a search on this phone it seems to cost approx. $200. I am at a loss to understand this as this phone seems to have no camera, a black and white screen and is really no frills.

    I know in India we can get phones in the $50 range which have Bluetooth. My question is, is there a cheaper Bluetooth Nokia phone and how much does it cost??



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    Re: Bluetooth Phone

    The 6310i is something like 6-7 years old, or so. It hasn't been manufactured for a good while, and might be the first Nokia Bluetooth phone, even (if my memory serves me right).

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