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    Phone with a stylus

    Recently I found very interesting lap top in which he is using a stylus to write on it ,,,
    While We people were using ordinary pen and paper to record the minutes of meeting he was simply writing on his lap top...with a stylus
    I too found interesting..I found the laptop is a bit heavy so thought why cant i use a mobile phone ???Nokia 9500 was a good choice with its word processing and qwerty keyboard..
    But what to do when I need to draw a rough picture...Is there any Nokia Business PDA/mobile that has this capability of writing on the screen???

    It would be help ful if any one suggest one...

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    Re: Phone with a stylus

    There's the old "Series 90" based 7710 (http://forum.nokia.com/devices/7710), but I don't think it is any longer being manufactured.

    For Asia-Pacific markets there's also the UIQ 2.1 based Nokia 6708 model (http://www.nokia-asia.com/nokia/0,,86611,00.html), but also limited in availability, and old in terms of technology.

    There also used to be some S40 (Series 40) models with pen-input/handwriting recognition for the Chinese market. Don't remember the model numbers.

    Then there's the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet, which isn't a phone at all: http://europe.nokia.com/770

    And then there are "enhancements" or accessories like the Nokia Digital Pen. The newer model: http://www.europe.nokia.com/accessorieslink?s=SU-27W
    Older: http://www.europe.nokia.com/accessorieslink?s=SU-1B

    Now that "Series 90" is essentially dead (announced, more or less, to be already around two years ago), and that many of the features of it (like touch-screen support, etc.) will be added to future release of S60, I'm sure there'll be development in this area at some point. No announced devices yet, though.

    So, what the future brings remains to be seen (depends on Nokia hardware roadmaps and the execution of plans probably well under way).

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