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    What's the advantages of Symbian C++ compared to J2ME?

    I am an Art student and i'm writing a report about java and symbian c++, so I would like to do a little research here about advantages of Symbian C++, as I known, using Symbian C++ can use more functionalities than Java, but I'd like to know some details regarding in terms of speed, stability, functionality and compatibility.

    C++ sounds to be faster than Java as it is compiled to native code. What about speed for graphics? Symbian C++ seems to have some graphical accelerator functions that Java does not have, but was KVM implemented in a way that acceleration is automatic?

    two well-written program, using Java and Symbian C++ respectively, which is more stable? Or, which language is more easier to write stable program?

    Java seems to have less control of the system, but more JSRs can let MIDlet have more functionalities, what about symbian C++?

    Program written in Symbian C++ can be used only in Symbian OS, but Symbian OS also supports Java MIDlet. How difficult/easy to migrate a Java/Symbian C++ program from one handset to another?

    Please help me for above questions, thanks a lot.

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    Re: What's the advantages of Symbian C++ compared to J2ME?

    I think the responses you are getting in the Java forum to this question are good.
    regan_coleman AT xenient.com

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