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Thread: N95 A-GPS?

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    Question N95 A-GPS?


    is N95 an A-GPS phone?

    I know that S60 r3 has API suport for A-GPS but I don't know it works on N95.

    We have SUPL support at operator side does N95 support that too?

    If it is A-GPS phone then the question is does it support both ways MO-LR and MT-LR?

    Do the other S60 r3 phones support MO-LR?

    I just wonder can we build location based services on Symbian N60 r3 that will not require that positioning is made as MT but MO.


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    Re: N95 A-GPS?

    Current information is that the GPS is not network assisted GPS, but that might still change.


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    Re: N95 A-GPS?

    Niiiice the n95 but could be improved or into next N96:-)... i don't understand why don't uses a 352x416 or a 640x480 display (to view the recorded video too to get a full multimedia computer :-O) like the sharp 904sh..
    Strange the second camera is very little and don't use the usual 640x480 instead of 352x288..
    The 64 midi tones could be improved to 72 or 128 (128 midi chips are on the market from years)?


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    Re: N95 A-GPS?

    Yes, it shocked me too when I saw that the N95 only has a 240x320 display! I had until then thought I had finally found the 100% right model to replace my ageing 6630... Now I am not that sure anymore... Very strange to not use at least the same display as the N80!

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