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    N Series Music Play back?

    This is a very big problem with the audio on N73... and also N80 now...

    I use the stock headphones that came with N73, and when a song starts, or ends, (where the sound drops off), there is this little static ticking noise (small BUT NOTICEABLE). This sound, sounds like when a speaker volume is too high, and when you start up the speaker with some music, there is this "static tick" and the speaker begins this REALLY low static hummimg, it happens on all speakers, but barely noticeable...

    I got a 3.5mm adapter, and had in ear headphoens plugged in, and the sound became thunderous... Is this JUST me? or other people notice that too on N73? This tick isn't VERY loud, so when you are outside walking won't hear it, but when you are in a semi-quiet room, you begin noticing it... My guess is that the N73 takes some time to cache the song? (I have a 2gig mini SDCard...) Maybe my card is too slow???

    However, I've asked several other N series users... mainly the N80 users, they have the EXACT same problem... and we have come up with a conlusion is that there is a problem in the audio/music playback bug in the N series? The problem right now we believe is that the N series dont' have continuous audio playback support, that tells the phone not to cut off the audio output in between song while in media player mode, thus creating this noticeable gap.

    These little tick only happens to mp3 player when it first start up, and afterwards, it's smooth. So I hope the software IS THE only problem, and fixed soon. If it's a hardware problem... then the R&D really need to rework this function... I've also heard that the Music edition N series are the same except the casing, in that case, I don't think people will enjoy their music as much when there is this little tick-tick gap in between songs...

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    Re: N Series Music Play back?

    can anyone address this problem?

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    Re: N Series Music Play back?

    To me this seems more end-user related issue than a developer issue. For such issues, better forum is http://discussions.europe.nokia.com
    There sofrums are concentrating developer related problems (like coding problems and such).

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