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    Exclamation PRJ_EXPORTS in BLD.INF file

    I'm importing a sample application ('snow') in Carbide .vs by selecting the BLD.INF file. (s60 3rd Ed MR)

    It seems like the copying of the texture data (PRJ_EXPORTS) don't get executed anylonger?
    How does one set these ?

    Does Carbide .vs (and Carbide .C++) support relative path names in the BLD.INF file PRJ_EXPORTS area or are absolute path names required ?

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    Re: PRJ_EXPORTS in BLD.INF file

    At this time, Carbide.vs only supports the PRJ_MMPFILES directive and simply imports .mmp files listed under that one. Thus when you import from bld.inf with Carbide.vs, you need to manually copy the files listed under PRJ_EXPORTS into each SDK that you associate with the project.

    Part of the reason for doing this is that if you later add other SDKs to the same project, it would be next to impossible to make sure that Carbide.vs automagically adds the correct files to the correct locations in the SDK so we decided not to do it at all as we thought that was better than having inconsistent behaviour.

    It is a quite simple and straightforward task to copy the files to the SDK and you only need to do it once provided you do not modify the files. If you do modify the files during development, it is probably a good idea to bring them into the Visual Studio project view from their locations under the SDK. This can be done using the Add->Existing Item function of Visual Studio. This would allow to edit the files "in situ" even if they are located somewhere in the bowels of the SDK.

    Note also that for S60 3.0, if you have icon make-files listed in the bld.inf you need to create a .miflist file for each to enable Carbide.vs to build your icons. See Help on .miflist for details.

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    Re: PRJ_EXPORTS in BLD.INF file

    Thank you for the information.

    What about Carbide .c++ developer edition ? Does this follow the same rules as Carbide .vs (so you have to copy the PRJ_EXPORTS manually) ?

    Thanks again!


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