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    Resume Download - Urgent Help needed

    I'm building a J2ME application, I would like to know if resume download is possible in J2ME or in Symbian.
    What I mean by Resume Download?
    Say I'm downloading a MP3 file (e.g. 2 Mb file size) from a server into my midlet, it downloads 1 Mb & then the GPRS connection drops. Can I resume my download from 1 Mb, the next time I start downloading the file or is it that I have start downloading the file from scratch. If it is possible can please some help with the code.

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    Re: Resume Download - Urgent Help needed

    hi niteshw,

    if you can preserve byte array fetched from response while connection is down you could probably send starting byte position (simply current length/size is position for next byte) to server so it could response sending only remaining bytes?


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