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    Lightbulb Carbide Developer and Carbide Professional share the same name: uninstall problem


    This is a warning more than a problem.
    In Windows XP control panel I went to uninstall Carbide Professional and I found "Carbide.C++ 1.1" and "Carbide.C++ 1.1_2". If you dont watch out you will uninstall the WRONG version. How? read on.

    The "numbering" (why?) is based on the order you install the programs.
    I removed the same one as I removed on another PC I was testing on ok.

    There is only one license allowed ,detects other install attempts(neat).

    I installed Pro then Developer, so when I removed "Carbide.C++ 1.1" I had removed Pro.

    Now I went back to my orignal PC and removed "Carbide.C++ 1.1".
    and I REMOVED DEVELOPER!. Developer was called "Carbide.C++ 1.1_2" because I installed it after Pro.

    It would appear that due to installing Developer then Pro the naming has changed.

    Would it be really that difficult to make the installer flag the programs with the name of the products name, after all "Carbide.c++ Express" is just that, and thats the free version.
    Due to licence restraints and requirements I cannot reinstal Developer, without having to restore the PC from backup to continue evaluation.

    On licensing I like the fact that a message saying that the system clock has been put back so backups after the evaluation will be worthless.

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