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    Carbide C++ building recognizer

    Hi all,

    This is for S60 FP2, Symbian 8.0.

    I have downloaded the typical Nokia recognizer code, and imported it into a Carbide project. I compile and link successfully to create a ".mdl" file. When I start the emulator, my recognizer is not executed.

    For the emulator this is placed into:

    Shouldn't the file go into
    ...\WINSCW\UDEB\Z|system\recogs ???

    Any hints on building a recognizer using Carbide ??



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    Re: Carbide C++ building recognizer

    Try copy the .mdl file from there to your recogs folder and re-start the emulator. This worked for me and it is always built in that folder. As for the real phone, I let my sis's pkg the file from the armi release dir and copy to the system\recogs folder on the phone. Make sure the name is shorter than 16 chars.
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