This information is related to a host of j2me content applications that will be available for your entertainment.

U can view slide shows of flickr interestingness on your mobile phone everyday ..and it is FREE...

The applications are build using J2ME and will work on a java enabled phone.

These will be updated daily ..

To access them please follow steps below

1. Navigate to the URL albumz.t35.com/albumz/ with your favourite browser.

2. Select the desired image display size. The options available are 120 * 120 and 60 *60

3. Select the maximum Jar Size supported by your mobile

The options available are 45 KB(45000), 495 KB (495000) and 95 KB (95000)

4. Select any jar file from the list and download the Jar file to your system.

5. Rename the zip file downloaded to jar file.

6. Copy them to your mobile phone using a PC Suite software...

All photographers rights are protected.

They are advertised as well.
For each photo, in the about section (name , the flickr url and the number of photos taken is displayed...)

for any feedback please mail avirads@gmail.com