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Thread: Nokia 6230i

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    Nokia 6230i

    My frend has got a nokia 6230i .( Gift from his Pop) as he completed degree . its a brand new one ... and it was send from froreign ...

    But when he got the mob ... itz baterry dont stand for more than 1 hour ... and bluethooth not working ... and camera too at times dead ... and works at times ....

    so iwould lik to know will i be able to obtain nokia warranty from my country (India ) ... it was originnally bought from (UAE) from Gulf ...

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    Re: Nokia 6230i

    Please ask these kinds of questions in the discussion boards reserved for end-user problems, the people answering on these boards know about development issues (as these are developer discussion boards)
    I do not know the URL for Indian discussion boards, but even this http://discussions.europe.nokia.com/ is better than these developer boards to answers for warranty problems

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