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    Question ssl with CA certificate


    i've created CA certificate for my application using makekeys.it is successful on my part.but when i tried to port it on the mobile (after creating sis file by including .key n .cer) its showing the error as "file corrupted".

    can u pls let me know whats the wrong is going on here?

    inaddition to this im using ssl in my application.i read in documents dat ssl supports x509 type certificates only. if so how can i create x509 certificate?

    im using sym os v7.0s.when i search for x509certificate class in the html help its showing nothing.

    im confused abt 2 things
    1.can i proceed with the CA's root certificate for my ssl communication or shall i create x509 certificate? if so how can i create dis?
    2.once the certificate is created,how can i use this to communicate with the server's certificate?

    hope definitely someone will help me.

    thanks n regards

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    Re: ssl with CA certificate

    Copied to Forum Nokia Interviews with Risto Helin, this is a good question for Risto.


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    Re: ssl with CA certificate

    this type errors are common ,So while porting ur application please remove the existing application donot overwrite it.Then see the difference.

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