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    Ringtone in concatenated message

    Hi, I am writing a website that I can send ringtone thru sms...I am able to send the ringtone in concatenated message, however, when I received the tone, the tone is incomplete- I am using a 8390 phone so I try to send the same ringtone via IrDA but it's prefectly alright, the tone is complete. The weird thing is, if those 3 concatenated messages are not received correctly(Especially the last one coz the tone is cut at the end), the phone should be unable to get the ringtone.

    My lines are as follows:



    Did I do anything wrong? As 1)It doesn't exceed the memory limit of 128 bytes per message. 2)It doesn't exceed the 150 words limit of SMS.3)The ringtone is successfully received so the last 00 octets should be received as well.

    If there is nothing wrong in the code then the only possiblity is that there are different memory capacities between sending the ringtone via SMS and IrDA.

    Please give me a hand on this one. Thanks.

    Last but not least, I just wonder, as I check thru the sms specs. and the sending_content documents I still didn't find a way on how to send the SMS in Unicode. As I found from the other message that the SMSC usually set the default as GSM 7-bit character, but how can I send a message in unicode? All I get is just a bunch of codes when I get the message. I check thru all the documents and this database and I didn't find any answer. Is there someway I can do it and/or there is an example that can show me how to do it?

    Thank you so much for your help and looking forward to your reply soon.

    Best regards,

    Desmond Chang

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    RE: Ringtone in concatenated message

    The data string is missing a space to separate the command code from the data body. The string should look like this:
    //SCKL15811581010301 024A3A5551DDA5B9CC04009B12CAEA22C2D032D...

    Side Note: SMS size limit is 140 bytes of "user data". This is 160 GSM 7-bit characters or 70 Unicode Char. For Concatenated messages, an extra 6 bytes of header is used, so this leaves 134 bytes of "user data" in each message. For details on Ringtone size limits, please refer to Section 2.5 of
    "Sending Content over SMS to Nokia Phones"

    For "Encoding a short message with unicode characters"
    See example #22 in the Smart Messaging FAQ http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/1,35452,1_2_5_5,00.html


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    RE: Ringtone in concatenated message

    hi desmond,

    did you got any solution on your prob?

    sorry, i dont know the answer for your problem, as myself having the difficulty in sending concatenate ringtone as well.

    i try to sent ringtone in 2 sms, which the data as below. but, my mobile set received 2 ringtones, instead of 1 combined tone. the first one is ok, but the second one has no sound.

    anyone know why my concatenation of the sms is not working?



    thx and regards,

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    Your are wrong on concatenated messages' headers.

    I am writing here a tested and successful sample...

    first message


    second message


    In first message; 0B0504158115810003AA020130 is header...
    and second message; 0B050415811581000 is header...

    If this reply is not helpfull for you. I can give a detailed
    explanation, just ask...

    Kaan Erdemir

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    Thanks Kaan,

    You are so helping to person like me who dont know much about sending such SMS.

    Would you please explain that headers... (for first and second part of SMS)

    what should be the header if there is third part?

    Please also describe how can I make such headers for my messages.

    Thanks in advance.

    BTW: I will give you a trit for reply (if you come to India!)

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    Help needed!

    Dear kaan,

    I am also held up in the same problem, can u help me in terms of code so that I can identify the prob easily. I too think its the problem with the header but have no idea which to eliminate when the second message is send.

    Looking forward to your reply...

    Thanks and best rgds,

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