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    Code Assist in Carbide.c++

    Just switched from CodeWarrior to Carbide.c++. So far, there are two problems with Carbide.c++ bothering me:

    1. Code Assist
    The Code Assist feature doesn't seem to work well. Most of the time, when I invoked it to list methods of a class, I got "No completions available". Do I miss something here?

    2. Debug across processes
    I have a client/server application. The client and server are in seperate projects. In CodeWarrior, a breakpoint can always be resolved no matter which project it belongs to. But in Carbide.c++, if I set a breakpoint in the server project, it can not be resolved when I debug the client.

    Any help will be highly appreciated.

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    Re: Code Assist in Carbide.c++

    I don't see Code Assist (or Content Assist, as it still says in the menu in "Content assist parsing timeout") working either. It's as if no indexing ever occurred.

    I'm using an internal Nokia SDK and just trying to work in a bare project created from the Basic DLL template.

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