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    Nokia 22: CLI over RS232 for voice calls

    Is it possible for Nokia 22:
    1.to send out over RS232 port CLI for incoming GSM voice calls being terminated over Trunk port;
    2.to accept incoming voice GSM calls only from users with listed CLI;
    3.to send AT commands from PC to Nokia 22 and to receive result codes and reports while the unit is in voice call progress state (the voice call is terminated from GSM to Trunk port)
    Thank you.

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    RE: Nokia 22: CLI over RS232 for voice calls

    Dear Customer,

    below you'll find answers to your questions:
    1. N22 can send the CLI via RS-232: AT+CLIP=1
    2. N22 does not support this kind of feature.
    3. When a voice call is active, it is not possible to communicate with GSM via RS-232 with AT commands.

    Kind Regards,
    M2M developer support team

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