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    Reflashed N70 does not start Speed Dial anymore


    A few days ago I reflashed my N70 using the Nokia Software Updated application. Everything went fine except the Speed Dial option.

    I lost all the key shortcuts to the numbers I use (except 1 - voice mail).
    I made all the settings again to enable speed dialing, but when I access Speed Dial application it closes itself.

    I cannot start it and I cannot even automatically assign a key for speed dial by holding it presed in the standby screen.

    I this a known issue?

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    Re: Reflashed N70 does not start Speed Dial anymore

    You could try reformatting the device. Instructions in, e.g., the "Smartphones" forum on http://discussions.europe.nokia.com/discussions

    If that's not helping, try a Nokia service/repair center: http://www.nokia.com/repair

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