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    How to get CarbideVS and SDK 3.0 working good?

    I am using Visual Studio 2003 with Carbide.vs plugin.
    The tool was always working good when using older symbian sdk's.

    Now 3rd edition emulator has : 80% chances of hangup, 50% chances of standup fail, 5% chances of succesfull debuging.

    -Debug works sometimes, and sometimes not. If I set a breakepoint and run emulator it crushes sometimes during standup and VS shows me following dissasembly:
    008FBD61 call 00945468
    008FBD66 mov dword ptr [ebp-130h],eax
    008FBD6C int 3
    008FBD6D mov eax,dword ptr [ebp-130h]
    008FBD73 jmp 008FBD75

    -Sometimes debugger catch on one breakepoint,but not on another.

    Now I use 30 SDK MR, but beta version didn't work

    Is there any chance to get 3rd emulator working good??? Is Carbide.c++ working better?

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    Re: How to get CarbideVS and SDK 3.0 working good?

    Carbide.vs is succesfully used by a number of people to debug so seems that you have some issue on your system, most likely related to the SDK.

    Have you tried whether or not you can start the emulator from the Windows Start menu? If no, then find and clean out any directories that you have created and recheck. If the problem persists, then the issue would certainly seem to be with the SDK.

    Another fact making me suspect the SDK is the fact that you get a machine code disassembled. This indicates that there is a problem occuring in the emulator code itself and not the code you debug. When there is a problem in a piece of code for which there exists no source code you will be shown the machine code disassembly if you have "Show disassembly when no source code available" set in the Debig options.

    Disable the disassembly option and you could get some more info (in the emulator output window or debug file).

    There have been a number of incidents reported on this discussion board where some other applications/drivers can crash the emulator, mainly some audio drivers if I remember correctly.

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