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    Is it possible to emulate a cellphone with wtk using netbeans and bluecove and do an conection between an real device and the emulator ? the emulator running also a midlet, not and J2SE program?


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    Re: netbeans+bluecove+wtk


    Bluetooth and OBEX

    The J2ME Wireless Toolkit emulator supports JSR 82, the Java APIs for Bluetooth, which includes two independent APIs:

    * The Bluetooth API provides an interface to Bluetooth wireless networking, including device discovery and data exchange.
    * The OBEX API allows applications to use the Object Exchange (OBEX) protocol over Bluetooth or other communication channels.

    The toolkit allows you to develop and test applications that use Bluetooth technology even if you don't have any actual Bluetooth hardware. The toolkit simulates a Bluetooth environment, in which you can run multiple emulator instances that can discover each other and exchange data using the Bluetooth API.

    An example application, BluetoothDemo, shows how to transfer images from one emulator to another.
    and section "Using the Bluetooth and OBEX APIs" in Sun WTK user guide (shipped with WTK installation),


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