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    Exclamation On device debugging using NetBeans problem


    Is it possible to do on device debugging using NetBeans 5? I've installed all necessary software(Carbide 1.5, S60 3rd Edition SDK for MIDP) and follow all steps found in documentation to Carbide 1.5. While pressing debug in NetBeans my mobile is recieving connection. "BT Debug" program on mobile(Nokia E60) stops, last message is " Agent performs cleanup".
    Messages from NetBeans Output:
    Starting emulator in debug server mode on port 1343
    KdpDebugTask connecting to debugger 1 ..
    KdpDebugTask connecting to debugger 2 ..
    KdpDebugTask connecting to debugger 3 ..
    KdpDebugTask connecting to debugger 4 ..
    KdpDebugTask connecting to debugger 5 ..
    Connecting JPDA Debugger to emulator timed out after 5 attempts and 36 seconds.

    Messages from NetBeans Debugger Console:
    Attaching to localhost:1343
    Connection refused.

    Emulator Progress stops while in task: Connect to Agent.

    Once I got some Exception from Emulator Progress with Symbian Error code 8(KErrBadHandle, Bad object) but maybe because of some long timeout.

    How do you think, where it might be a problem? I assume that there is some problem with connection to mobile. There is no firewall which might block ports or connections. I've tried to debugg using Eclipse 3.2 and it was working but only...once. Then I was uninstalling some software from Nokia but not connected to on device debugging. After I noticed that it doesn't work anymore I've installed it once more but without any results.



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    Re: On device debugging using NetBeans problem

    So after some time I manage to solve problem. The problem was with mobile, after formatting memory everything is working fine. On device debugging using Eclipse and NetBeansis is working without any problems . If you ever got some strange problems with connection via bluetooth beetwen PC and mobile (e.g. installing application using Nokia's Tools doesn't work for you) simply make backup of your data and format your mobile memory.

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