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    S60 devices for developers

    Hello, does anybody know if there are special offers/discounts for buying s60 devices for developers who sells their applications ? Testing applications is hard and the price for subscribe to forum nokia pro isn't vey cheap..


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    Re: S60 devices for developers


    AFAIK no such option except of being member of team/company within Nokia Pro member account,


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    Re: S60 devices for developers

    This policy really has to change.

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    Re: S60 devices for developers

    First understand I will put forth your suggestion.

    But please understand there are over 100,000 registered members of FN discussion boards, more than that belong to Forum Nokia giving discounts to anyone saying they are doing professional development would just be open season to anyone that wanted a new mobile device cheap.

    Trying to verify someone is for real would also cost an extreme amount of money with developers virtually in every country in the world. Perhaps there can be some program that is the same as the S60 signing where it is low cost for Freeware developers. However I don't know if that is possible.

    I will put forth your idea but I just want to let you know how impractical it is when looking at it from my point of view... I can't imagine how it would look from a accountant's view.


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    Re: S60 devices for developers

    Hi Ron!

    It's appreciated for the idea to be put forth. I can understand how it would be hard to verify people for a developer's program, but what is really needed is a two-fold effort overall.

    The first part is a revamp of the overall selling practices to help alleviate the overall costs. Making the devices available in a mass-market format where you can buy the phone in a blister pack at major retailers without having to bundle it with a service plan will go a long way to breaking the general mold, and also for pushing the smartphones out easier. I do not think that Sony has suffered from doing this.

    Secondarily, it is not the whole world signing up for developer accounts. Allowing everyone that is signed up for the Nokia Developer's section, regardless of which level they are signed up at, to order one of each device model at a discount is not a bad idea. If you say there are over 100,000 developers on FN, then why is Nokia balking at the idea of providing what the developers want? At this point, it is only stifling the developer's market - with 100,000 active developers being able to get the devices they need to develop the new applications they want to develop, there will be a much larger market for Nokia phones as the applications come about.

    And tying a discount program to only freeware wont work either. It is not the mega corporations that are producing the majority of the programs for cellphones - it is the smaller companies, one person and two person shops, mom-and-pop style businesses. Without these, there would not be over 10,000 applications for Series 60 for sale.

    And for an incentive, nearly all the other big cell manufacturers either have gone this route, have announced the changes to their programs to begin soon, or plan to go this route in the short forseeable future.

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