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    Cool Antialiasing problems - Alpha support.

    Hi, I am rebranding a software for use on S80, S60 2nd and 3rd edition phones. I got a branding guide from the software developer which I followed to the letter.

    But seeing my icons on the phones I feel I have done something horribly wrong.

    They have jaggies, reduced color palet and so on.

    When I look at icons on N80, N70, 9300i and so on...all system icons are smooth, have clean crisp edges. Even when I put a photo as a background system icons looks smooth.

    This leads me to belive that they do support alpha channel.

    The branding guide I got said it dosent. It told me to make one BMP file with the logo...and a seperate BMP file with a mask in it. This mask could only have white or black color....no shades of grey to do antialiasing.

    Is this true? Are there any guides to how to make good icons for these phones?

    Thank you in advance.


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    Re: Antialiasing problems - Alpha support.

    hi Akira,

    try UI guidelines from FN docs section:

    also note that there is more proper FN section for UI-related questions:


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