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    How to find messaging app or MTM capabilities?

    Does anyone know how to determine an applications capabilities on real hardware?

    Specifically I am trying to develop a messaging MTM and I need to know the minimum capabilities required by the messaging application in order for it to load DLL's. I have performed some tests on the simulator - but this does not match the hardware.

    Furthermore the documentation infers that to be on the "safe side" all MTM DLL's should have "ALL -TCB" capability;
    because they can be loaded by any other public-side application that can have any set of capabilities from that capability space

    In other words - MTM can be loaded by any app - not just messaging - so to be on the safe side you should have virtually all capabilities...

    "ALL -TCB" = a near impossibility to get symbian signed with!!!

    However since my MTM only needs to be loaded by Messaging, I can use a smaller sub set of these capabilities. I just need to know the capability of the messaging application.

    Can anyone help me?

    Many thanks,

    Regards Peter Roberts.

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    Re: How to find messaging app or MTM capabilities?

    Hi Robert,

    MTMs are DLLs, therefore, they must follow the general rule for DLLs under platform security that "A process cannot load a DLL with a smaller set of capabilities than itself."

    For Client-side, UI Data and User Interface MTM DLLs are loaded by messaging client processes. If you intend to make these DLLs available to all clients, you should give them max capabilities i.e. CAPABILITY All -TCB. However, you should document clearly what capabilities the client process are required to have in order to access functionalities provided by your server-side MTM. This eventually will require the client application to signed with proper capabilities while using your MTMs.

    If you design those client-side DLLs only for your own messaging application, you can give the max capabilities according to those caps your client process is required by your server-MTM.

    For Server-side MTMs, they are loaded by the message server, and must have the capabilities that it requires as listed below:
    CAPABILITY ReadDeviceData WriteDevicedata ProtServ NetworkControl NetworkServices LocalServices ReadUserData WriteUserData

    If your server-side MTMs do need these capabilities to perform sensitive operations (e.g. needs the NetworkControl cap. to perform networking operation), then you have to declare the reason while applying for Symbian Signed.

    hope this help.
    Best Regards,
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    Re: How to find messaging app or MTM capabilities?

    Many thanks for the reply.

    However my goal is to have the client side DLL's loaded by the default "Messaging" application that Symbian/Nokia ships with the S60. In which case - as you rightly point out, the DLL's need to have "at least" the same capabilities as Messaging.exe.

    Unfortunately I don't know what the capabilities of Messaging.exe are. Tests on the simulator have not proved to be the same on hardware. So basically I don't know what capabilities to request for my developer certificate from Symbian signed!

    Any ideas would be gratefully appreciated,

    Regards Peter Roberts.

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