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    Question Symbol "G" & "E"


    I have a nokia 6125.

    I remember till yeaterday when I tried connecting the phone for internet via Bluetooth on my laptop after the connection symbol/icon "E" is a square box appeared.

    Since today I find this has changed to "G" in a square box.

    I feel the speed of the connection has also considerably dropped.

    I am from India, and on Airtel network. I spoke to Airtel guys and they say everything is ok on their side.

    can someone tell me what are possible reasons for it. Is it possible that there is something wrong on my handset.

    thanks for reading.

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    Re: Symbol "G" & "E"

    I don't have a 6125, but I suspect 'G' would be an indicator for GPRS, and 'E' if the cell (base station) you're connected to supports EDGE.

    EDGE is faster than "regular" GPRS packet data.

    So, when you saw 'E' before, you were connected to a network base station that supports EDGE. If you only see the 'G', then there's no EDGE support in your current location.

    Only your network operator knows what their EDGE coverage is or should be, and if you know you saw the 'E' in one place, but now in the same place you only get 'G', they can tell if they've done network changes related to that in the area.

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