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    Saving data but not in a single file, the Symbian way?


    Something related to this might have been asked before, but i couldn't find anything with the search. So here goes:

    I'm still building my first Symbian application, a learning project. It is a TODO list which will also support image/audio content inside the entries, well at least in the future. For now, i just need to save the item entries and their textual contents.

    My program at the moment uses CDirectFileStore to save the data, except for the actual entry text contents which use CGlobalText, which i can't restore that data for some reason yet.

    What i'm asking is the preferred way to do a system like this on Symbian. I wish to keep the entries (item ID, title, date, etc.) separate from the data (text, images, audio, etc.) as i don't want to load all the data in the memory at once, nor do i want to put them in a single file because that would be a too big point of failure if writing to it fails. And i do wish to update the data without writing the whole file again.

    What would you use? Some combination of Symbian stores and a custom filesystem database? Or is one of the Symbian store/stream systems suitable for this kind of case?

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    Re: Saving data but not in a single file, the Symbian way?

    How about the Symbian DBMS?

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    Re: Saving data but not in a single file, the Symbian way?

    Instead of the direct file store look at using the permanent file store instead. However that is still a single file but is intended for use where streams can be updated on an individual basis.

    (You can have as many streams, organised however you want, inside a permanent file store).

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