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    Why u32std.h header file is not delivered with the SDK (S60_3rd_MR)? I need to use c++ code, which uses CSecurityEncryptBase class (for dbms encrypting) and cannot be compiled without this file(s). Is it possible somehow to get missed headers (libs)?

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    Re: CSecurityEncryptBase

    According to the SDK Help, CSecurityEncryptBase is not part of the 3rd edition SDK.

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    Re: CSecurityEncryptBase

    My understanding is that due to some UK export regulations, the actual Symbian crypto libraries cannot be released to just anybody, so just the interface specification is included, but to actually get the libraries, you must be an OS licensee bound by a contract.

    Cryptographic algorithms and libraries developed by others and elsewhere than in the UK (or some other countries with similar laws) are still possible to use, of course. You just have to code them yourself or get them from somebody else than Symbian.

    The path to get them from Symbian starts by becoming a Symbian Platinum Partner, and after that licensing the OS via the DevKit or a binary license. Anyhow, check the details from Symbian directly:
    email: platinumprogram@symbian.com

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