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    S60 Version/FeaturePack Query


    I bought a Nokia 6600 in Sep'03...So, as per Nokia's reading material,z my phone would be a v7.0s (Series 60 2nd edition). Since N6600 continues to be sold, would 'flashing' my phone upgrade it to v8.1a (Series 60 2nd ed. Feature Pack 3) or atleast v8.0a (Series 60 2nd ed. Feature Pack 2).

    Wud appreciate a prompt response.


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    Re: S60 Version/FeaturePack Query

    No. A new firmware version (flashing) will give you just fixes for the phone software, but it'd still remain at Symbian OS 7.0s/S60 2.0. So, no Symbian/S60 version upgrades are possible through a firmware update.

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    Re: S60 Version/FeaturePack Query

    thx! that was quik...

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