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    CAPABILITIES issue...


    I develop an application that has the following file structure(each file containing the following LIBRARIES):

    1. P1.exe: - apparc.lib eikcore.lib euser.lib estor.lib avkon.lib eiksrv.lib cone.lib apgrfx.lib ws32.lib aknskins.lib aknskinsrv.lib aknswallpaperutils.lib efsrv.lib fbscli.lib bitgdi.lib estlib.lib
    2. L1.dll: - euser.lib cone.lib eikcore.lib avkon.lib eikcoctl.lib eikdlg.lib efsrv.lib bafl.lib estor.lib ws32.lib estlib.lib L7.lib
    3. L2.dll - eikcore.lib euser.lib cone.lib bafl.lib efsrv.lib eikcoctl.lib ws32.lib estlib.lib L7.lib
    4. L3.dll - euser.lib cone.lib bafl.lib avkon.lib eikcoctl.lib eikdlg.lib eikcore.lib efsrv.lib gdi.lib ws32.lib estlib.lib fbscli.lib bitgdi.lib L7.lib
    6. L4.dll - euser.lib bafl.lib cone.lib eikcore.lib apgrfx.lib sendas2.lib apparc.lib avkon.lib eikcoctl.lib eikctl.lib eikdlg.lib efsrv.lib estor.lib ws32.lib estlib.lib fbscli.lib bitgdi.lib L7.lib
    7. L5.dll - euser.lib cone.lib avkon.lib eikctl.lib eikcore.lib eaxp.lib estlib.lib efsrv.lib esock.lib http.lib commonengine.lib bafl.lib InetProtUtil.lib commdb.lib Etel3rdParty.lib ws32.lib
    8. L6.dll - euser.lib, estor.lib
    9. P2.exe - euser.lib, apparc.lib, cone.lib, eikcore.lib, avkon.lib, efsrv.lib, bitgdi.lib, ws32.lib, fbscli.lib, estlib.lib, http.lib, InetProtUtil.lib, commdb.lib,l esock.lib, bafl.lib, ezlib.lib, CommonEngine.lib

    P1.exe  --> L1.dll --------------------> L7.lib --> L5.dll --> L6.dll
                  |         |                         |
                  |         |                         |
                   ------> L2.dll ------> L4.dll -----
                                     |                |
                                     |                |
                                      --> L3.dll ----
    P2.exe -------------------------------------------
    P1.exe loads Intro.dll that has linked static library L7.lib
    L7.lib loads L5.dll that has linked static library L6.dll
    P1.exe also loads L2.dll that load L3.dll and L4.dll
    L3.dll and L4.dll have linked the L7.lib static library
    P2.exe has linked the L7.lib


    What capabilities each library should have(P1.exe P2.exe L1.dll L2.dll L3.dll L4.dll L4.dll L6.dll L7.lib)?

    L7.lib is a static library
    L6.dll is a static DLL

    L1.dll L2.dll L3.dll L4.dll L5.dll are polymorphic DLLs

    Using the CodeWarrior DebugMessages and eliminating all *PlatSec* ERROR - Capability check failed warnings I have the following capabilities:

    P1.exe - NetworkServices NetworkControl
    L1.dll - NetworkServices NetworkControl
    L2.dll - NetworkServices NetworkControl
    L3.dll - NetworkServices NetworkControl
    L4.dll - NetworkServices NetworkControl
    L5.dll - NetworkServices NetworkControl
    L6.dll - NetworkServices NetworkControl TCB

    now the emulator is capability warning free, but when I run the application on a real device and access a method from L1.dll the application is crashing. I've noticed that when linking for GCCE, more libraries are needed than linking for WINSCW. Maybe the warning system of EPOC is not capable to replicate the exact capabilities request from the device.

    So I'm thinking maybe I need to include capabilities like ReadDeviceData , WriteDeviceData , ReadUserData , WriteUserData, etc...

    Thanks in advance.
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