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    N90 Case Close with OpenGl ES problem

    On the N90 if I close the case whil my app is running in full screen OpenGL ES mode it seems to hang the app, or at least leave it stuck burning around flat out.

    The phone isn't left totally dead, but it's practically useless until switched off/on. I can still bring the application list by holding down the app key, but selecting an app just leaves me with a blank screen. I can use the profile/off menu ok to switch off.

    If I switch my app to run in a window instead of using OpenGL's full screen mode it all works ok. I've tried this out with the sample OpenGL ES app supplied by Nokia and that appears to hit the same problem, so I'm guessing it's not anything I'm doing wrong but a system bug.

    Anyone confirm this? Or have any work around? It's a bit of a nasty bug to ship with but can't see any way around it at the moment.

    There also doesn't appear to be any way of catching case closed events, I get the case open events, but not close ones. So even when running in non full screen mode I can't pause the game when the lid is closed.
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    Re: N90 Case Close with OpenGl ES problem

    You may try if you get a foreground event on closing the case.

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