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    Copying entire folders in pkg file - Part 2

    Since my last thread got closed before I got the chance to answer I started this thread.

    symbianyucca -

    First. If you read my last post carefully then you would see that it was not a question on how to solve the problem at hand. The question I asked was if someone could tell me a specific reason why copying entire folders in the pkg file is not available.

    Second. The thread was placed in the Tools and SDK Feedback forum. Thus it was feedback of my experience with sis packaging. Again not a question.

    Third. I can't possibly be the first in history person wanting to move entire folders into the sis. So you could see this as a free of charge suggestion from me to whomever it may concern.

    Have a nice day,

    Martin Malek

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    Re: Copying entire folders in pkg file - Part 2

    Martin Malek, I closed the thread on this forum as it was not clear to me that the message was substantially different from the message on other boards. I just did not want to have two separate answer threads about the same issue.

    After you clarified your intention and message, I realized closing the thread was premature, and apologize that you had to open a new thread for the clarifications. On the bright side, the second message made your point much clearer.

    Also, thank you for the feedback! (I am not the correct person to comment on your feedback, as it is outside my expertise.)

    best regrads,

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    Re: Copying entire folders in pkg file - Part 2

    That's ok mate. Now I'm a happy camper again.

    Please forward the idea of adding entire folders into a sis to whoever has power of those things and we will be one step closer to a perfect world

    Many thanks,

    Martin Malek

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