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    Hardware requirements for developing S60 3rd ed applications

    I don't know you but I find that starting the emulator in 3rd version is really too long.
    I have a Pentium III 733 and 512 MB RAM, that runs well for Visual Studio .NET and other applications but testing and debugging for S60 is incredibly long.
    I read that carbide.c++ express require a 1800 MHz processor (that's for Java stuff I think) :-(.
    Do I really require a new PC?

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    Re: Hardware requirements for developing S60 3rd ed applications

    This is from S60 3rd Ed. MR release note:
    Basic Requirements:
    - Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or Microsoft Windows 2000 SP4
      Tested with Windows XP SP2.
    - IDE:  CodeWarrior for Symbian OS v3.1
    - ARM RVCT compiler 2.2 build 503 or newer is supported.
      (Version 3.0 is not supported by SDK toolchain)
    - Minimum 1 GHz Pentium PC, 256 MB of memory
    - Up to 1.5 GB free disk space, other requirements as required by the IDE
    But I don't personally feel this is enough. But they have mentioned it as a Basic Requirements ;)

    My system configuration is P4 3.00 GHz with 2 GB of RAM. Still the emulator seems to be taking more time but it's better than worst.

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