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    Linking two projects in same workspace


    I'm trying to link two projects in the same workspace. Essentially I'm trying to make it so that project 1 references the header/source files in project 2.

    I added project 2's header file location in project 1's properties->System Options-> User Include Paths. This causes no errors in project 1's code when including Project 2 headers, but during the linking phase it does not find project 2!

    Can anyone suggest a way to link and build this setup correctly?

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    Re: Linking two projects in same workspace

    Your are sort of trying to break the fundamental logic of the IDEs. The main idea of the IDE is that "what you see in the project is the project". By adopting this logic, the project can automatically "know" what needs to be built to make up a single build artifact.

    So if you want to share code between projects, what you can do is you can import the sources (using Import File system) from anywhere (including other projects) by providing just a link to them or be copying. Once the source is visible in the project you want to build, the IDE (Eclipse/Carbide) understands by magic that these are the entities that you want to build together and is able to help you from there on...

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    Re: Linking two projects in same workspace


    Thanks for ur reply. This means everytime I make a change in one project i have to move it to the other project. This is the scenario i am trying to avoid, in java eclipse this is possible by referencing another project, but not so in carbide.c++?

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    Re: Linking two projects in same workspace

    I am currently using Carbide.c++ and S60 3rd ed. and I have 2 projects, EXE project and LIB project which are linked.

    If you want to use a LIB in another project you just need to add it to correct places in project properties of the other (EXE etc.) project:
    C/C++ Build > Tool Settings > System Options > User Include Paths
    Add the location of "inc" directory of the LIB project here

    C/C++ Build > Tool Settings > WINSCW C/C++ Linker > Libraries > Libraries
    Add your .lib file name here

    Project References
    Chech the checkbox of the LIB project (this just causes the LIB project to be rebuilt if it is changed and EXE project is rebuilt).

    Similar process is propably applicable to DLL:s also.

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