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Thread: Interface index

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    Question Interface index


    How can I get interface index when enumerating interfaces using GetOpt with socket option KSoInetNextInterface?

    The option fills in a TSoInetInterfaceInfo structure, but it doesn't contain interface index (a piece of information that I need).
    User::LeaveIfError(sock.SetOpt(KSoInetEnumInterfaces, KSolInetIfCtrl));
    TPckgBuf<TSoInetInterfaceInfo> iface;
    while(sock.GetOpt(KSoInetNextInterface, KSolInetIfCtrl, iface) == KErrNone)
    	// ...
    Alternatively, how can I find interface index at all, using any piece of information (like interface IP address)? I tried GetOpt(KSoInetIfQueryByIndex, KSolInetIfQuery, ...), but it returns -5 (KErrNotSupported).
    RSocket sock;
    User::LeaveIfError(sock.Open(serv, KAfInet, KSockDatagram, KProtocolInetUdp));
    TPckgBuf<TSoInetIfQuery> ifq;
    ifq().iSrcAddr = someIPAddress;
    // this leaves with -5
    User::LeaveIfError(sock.GetOpt(KSoInetIfQueryBySrcAddr, KSolInetIfQuery, ifq));

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    Re: Interface index

    If anyone is looking for the answer, this question was answered at NewLC.

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    Re: Interface index

    Hi sysctl,

    I got one solution to find interface index. Here is the code snippet that returns my interface index:

    void CClientSocket::testAdapterInfo()
    RSocket iSocket;
    RSocketServ iServer;
    TInt result;

    result = iServer.Connect();
    result = iSocket.Open(iServer,KAfInet,KSockDatagram,KProtocolInetUdp);


    // init the iterator

    result = iSocket.SetOpt(KSoInetEnumInterfaces, KSolInetIfCtrl);

    while(iSocket.GetOpt(KSoInetNextInterface, KSolInetIfCtrl, iface) == KErrNone)
    TSoInetInterfaceInfo &info = iface();

    if(info.iState == EIfUp){
    ifq().iName = info.iName;
    result = iSocket.GetOpt(KSoInetIfQueryByName, KSolInetIfQuery, ifq); // returns 0
    result = ifq().iIndex; // returns index (in my case, returns 2)



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