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    s60 prototype 4 emulator and real bluetooth devices

    Hello, do you know how to configure a real BT usb device in NCF? I'd like to connect my prototype 4 s60 emulator running a BT application to a real device. I installed correctly NCF drivers for my BT usb but I don't know how to set the property of "Bluetooth technology" ("serial port", "NCF library", "virtual com port"...) of the BT usb and the ones of the prototype 4 s60 emulator (aslo for this in bt properties there are "serial port", "btusb", "ncf library" and so on..). What my environment designer has to contain? Only the emulator or also the Btsub ? and which are the correct settings to make the emulator use the real BT usb?
    I didn't find a good explanation anywhere..

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    Re: s60 prototype 4 emulator and real bluetooth devices


    Nokia Prototype 4 guide;
    12.6.4 Communication with Hardware Devices
    The Prototype SDK 4.0 for Java™ ME devices can communicate with real hardware devices via Bluetooth. You also need a Bluetooth USB adapter into your computer. You may use, for example, Socket BT card as a Bluetooth adapter.
    Nokia Connectivity Framework enables the BT communication. Nokia Connectivity Framework 1.2 User’s Guide [4] explains in a more detailed way how to install needed BT USB drivers. After needed configuration, you can communicate between a real BT device and the Prototype SDK device by using phone numbers.
    that is see "4.2.6 Bluetooth USB Driver Check" section in NCF guide,

    release notes (NCF):
    Compatibility Issues:
    Bluetooth USB adapter
    - Bluetooth USB adapter integration is compatible only with
    Nokia BT USB driver
    Bluetooth communication problems
    - Reserving Windows 2000 serial port may fail occasionally when
    used with Bluetooth card. This is caused because of Windows or
    Bluetooth card driver problem.
    - Communication (e.g. pairing) between some Bluetooth products
    does not work properly.

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    Re: s60 prototype 4 emulator and real bluetooth devices

    thank you Peter, but I still don't understand which bluetooth "technology" property is to choose for the BTusb product and for the sdk product in the environment of NCF. I tried some combinations ("bt usb" - "NCF library", "NCF library" - "NCF library", "btusb" - "bt usb", the sdk alone with "btusb") but it still doesn't work. My application runs succesfully with only emulators connected by NCF bluetooth, but when I try to add the communication to the real BT usb device by the above combinations the application blocks and the emulator appears to be stalled when it starts to discover other devices by bluetooth.
    I know there are examples in the NCF directory but I cannot run them because it is not installed the requested SDK prototype version ( I installed 4.0 (available on forum.nokia) but it is required the 2.1.


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