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    Integrating the In-Game Registration and Login example

    Hi everyone!

    I would like to find out more about the interface "com.nokia.sm-loginui.MainApp" mentioned in the document "SNAP Mobile: Registration and Login Guidelines for Java™ ME Clients".

    What do I have to do to import it? I always get an error when I try.

    Where can I find the "In-Game example" the document refers to? I do not find the package "samples.loginui".

    Thank you, Joana

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    Re: Integrating the In-Game Registration and Login example


    Use the latest SNAP Mobile SDK 1.3. Here the loginui has been removed. Instead there is a sample game including login and registration. The source is located in /samples/SnapMobileSample/src and the MainApp interface is in subfolder samples/commui.

    The new SDK also includes an updated document about login and registration: SNAP_Mobile_Registration_and_Login_Guidelines_v3_2_en.pdf in /docs.

    Always remember to use the full qualified name when importing, like this:
    import samples.commui.MainApp;

    Copy the MainApp.java file to the source folder of you own project in subfolder samples/commui.

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