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    resource file error

    thanks for the prompt reply....
    In my RSS file there is an error

    RESOURCE MENU_BAR r_simpledlg_menubar
    titles =
    MENU_TITLE {menu_pane = r_simpledlg_menu;}

    the error mark is shown in the MENU_TITLE line as "Link name not found"

    Here what should I rectify?


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    Re: resource file error

    Have you actually defined r_simpledlg_menu?

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    Registration resource file

    Thankyou very much...
    I corrected the previous error by defining the r_simpledlg_menu.

    But now a new error persists...

    #include <appinfo.rh>

    UID2 KUidAppRegistrationResourceFile
    UID3 0x075A5907


    An error is indicated as appinfo.rh is no where found.

    Thats true that when i searched for this file it is not there.....
    Then i removed that line "#include <appinfo.rh> "and compiled but it is showing error in the UID line as "syntax error"....

    what should I do...
    Please suggest.
    Thanx and Regards

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