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    CUnifiedCertStore - certstore.lib linkage?

    Hi there,

    I was trying to use CUnifiedCertStore - but unfortunately I cannot correctly link against certstore.lib on 3rd edition maintenance release. Missing symbols for CUnifiedCertStore::NewL and others.

    Could anyone tell me why support for this API is incomplete and only comprises the header level, but not the binary linkage level?

    Thanks for your replies in advance,


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    Re: CUnifiedCertStore - certstore.lib linkage?

    Hi Dominik

    I think that it is because you have not adding the library in the mmp file.
    I got the same problem and I resolved it adding the line "LIBRARY certstore.lib" in the mmp file.

    Does Anyone know how to access to the device Certificate Store to get the certificated installed on it?.

    Thank you in advance.


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