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    Unhappy Annoying SocketConnection problem

    Bonjour chaps

    I've been banging my head against a brick wall for a few days over everyone's favourite; socketconnection.

    My app is written to connect to a publically visible server over port 21250 (which is open on said server) using the normal method:

    sc = (SocketConnection)Connector.open(server, Connector.READ_WRITE, true);
    In the WTK22 emulator it connects fine, my server accepts the connection and everyone's laughing. But of course it would work fine in the emulator, wouldnt it...

    The problems occur when I try to run the app from my N73 (O2 contract - WAP APN (internet APN not enabled on my account)), my colleagues 6600 (Vodafone contract, internet APN) and other colleagues 7610 (orange contract, internet APN). In each of these devices the midlet sits at the above connection string (i've verified this by outputting surrounding debug strings) and eventually times-out with a Symbian -33 error.

    The interesting part of this is that the very same midlet works fine on a motorola razr & pebl (vodafone and orange contract plans respectively) and even a hpc m600 (winmob 5.0) (the same Orange SIM from the 7610).
    From these very limited tests the annoyed finger of suspicion is beginning to point towards the trio of awkward hooligan nokia devices.

    Just in case anyone feels the need to ask, the midlet is indeed threaded when it comes to the connection.

    Does anyone have any super brilliant thoughts or suggestions on how I might proceed with this problem (apart from binning the Nokias?)?

    All help much appreciated, my forehead can't take much more of this brusing


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    Re: Annoying SocketConnection problem

    I'm thinking it is a Symbian signing issue but cant get my N73 to accept my selfcert certificate and then install the app via the jad. typical! maybe i'll just tell customers to ditch their nokia phone if they wanna use my software

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    Re: Annoying SocketConnection problem

    hi Lee,

    S603rd edition does not allow to use self-signed certs:

    if you are suspisious about socket connections implementations on those device download and run public applicatin that uses Sockets for data exchange:
    (unsigned, mipd 2.0)
    it works fine on my both S60 devices (2ndEd2FP, 3rdEd)


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