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Thread: 7-bit UDH

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    7-bit UDH


    I need to send concatenated message to Nokia phone using 7-bit encoding. 8-bit seems to be not working at least on 8210 - it says "message can't be displayed here".

    Does anybody have working examples on how to encode UDH for concatenated message with message body using 7-bit? Docs seems not to be clear if UDH should be 7-bit encoded, or 8-bit encoded in this case and on how to use fill bits.


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    RE: 7-bit UDH

    The header is the same as in 8 bit messages, only the start of data
    is from a bit septet boundary. So if there is a phone that does not
    understand header it still can understand the data, since it goes
    along with the 7 bit coding even if the first part of data is not
    understandable, the header part.
    M, Forum Nokia

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