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    DEVELOPERS: Do you need music for your mobile games?

    Hello all,

    Dewfall Productions is currently in the process of creating a J2ME music section. The purpose of this J2ME music section is to provide small MIDI files (music and sound effects) to game developers on the mobile-phone platform, where memory usage and filesize play a big role. All tracks in this section have been arranged with this in mind, giving a result of suitable small filesizes of the MIDI tunes.

    If you need music for your J2ME games, you might be able to find something you like there. You can choose between 3 license types depending on your need and budget.

    Click here: http://www.dewfall.dk/j2me.asp to take a look, listen to some previews, and bookmark the page for later use.

    Hope to hear from you.

    Mr.Lou / Dewfall Productions
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    Re: DEVELOPERS: Do you need music for your mobile games?

    you might want to post this under news section next time. AFAIK it can be used for this kind of purposes.


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