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Thread: High Scores

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    High Scores

    Hi everyone!

    I am doing a mobile game project and I am wondering if anyone could give me some clues or lines of codes for my "High Score" screen. I am quite novice to game programming. Below is my visualization of my "High Screen" score:

    When the player has successfully completed a level, a screen will appear to say "Mission accomplished". Clicking on “continue” will present the player another screen where he will be informed of his position if he managed to be in the top 5. He can also type in his name by deleting default name “Kiran” using the “clear key” on the handset and typing using the keypads. The default name “Kiran” gives the player the option of skipping the step if he does not feel like typing his name. By pressing “continue” the player will see the “High Score” screen. However, if the player failed to make to the top 5 position, he will still see the end of the game screen but after pressing “continue” he will see the another screen which will inform the player that he could not finish in the top 5 position. Continuing from that screen will also bring the player to the high score screen.
    The "High Score" screen also allows the player to reset the scores. However, before the list can be cleared, the player will be asked for confirmation.

    I would be most grateful if anyone could help me in some way as I am really running out of time for my project submission.

    Please help me out!

    Thank you in anticipation.

    Best Regards

    Kiran Gurung

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    Re: High Scores

    Hello Kiran,

    skipping discussion about view implementation (screens, transitions, displaying data, etc) the main thing to implement is persistance,
    here is an example on implementing highscores with RMS (RecordStoreManager) class in J2me:


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