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    Bluetooth Starving GUI on S60?

    Reading from a Bluetooth connection appears to starve the GUI event thread on S60.

    We are developing a J2ME app that paints an animation while another thread reads from a Bluetooth connection (about 30 bytes every 20 ms).

    Our app works perfectly on S40 phones and Motorolas.

    On S60 phones however the animation becomes nearly frozen while we read from the connection.

    It appears that our Java threads are running frequent enough (reading Bluetooth / calling repaint) but that the system (GUI Event thread) is rarely calling paint().

    We have attached an example client/server application to demonstrate the problem.

    Any thoughts are much appreciated!

    Application Download:
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    Re: Bluetooth Starving GUI on S60?

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    Re: Bluetooth Starving GUI on S60?

    Hi pcalnan,
    Have you ever found a solution to this problem?
    I have encountered the same thing, but only on client connections. I.E. If you connect a S60 phone via Connector.open(url) you get a horrible lag in the game, but if you connect via server.acceptAndOpen() everything works fine.

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