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    Question Not displaying item names in CAknSelectionListDialog

    I'm trying to provide a selection list for user to select by using CAknSelectionListDialog. The program is compiled fine, but when I run the program, the selection list do not show up the names of the items, but only blank selection lines are shown, like every list item name is blank.

    I know the array is with correct no. of items, because the blank items correspond to the actual no. of items that should be shown. This is the coding I used.

    CDesCArrayFlat* deviceArray = new (ELeave) CDesCArrayFlat(3);

    ...... ..... ....

    CAknSelectionListDialog* dlg;
    TInt index = 0;
    dlg = CAknSelectionListDialog :: NewL(index, deviceArray,R_CONTACTS_FILTER_MENU);
    TInt selectedDevice = dlg->RunLD();

    ... ...

    Do anyone know why the CAknSelectionListDialog don't show up the item names. How can I solve this problem to show the names in the list.

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    Re: Not displaying item names in CAknSelectionListDialog

    Hi hasiamar,
    have you put '\t' character in front of your every item? eg. \tItem1, \tItem2, etc.

    best regards,

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    Re: Not displaying item names in CAknSelectionListDialog

    yes, it solved that problem.

    Thank you.

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