I am developing an application that allows users to add contacts from their address book via a secure wap page to the phone. To do this I am using the function


When clicked it adds the contact to the address book but it places the number in the General Number field. I am hoping that there is a way that Nokia has extended this function call on their devices so that I can specify which position the number will go in.

For example the wap page has

Joe Blogs
moblie: 123 123 1234
home: 123 123 1234
internet: 123 123 1234

add to address book

I would like to specify that the mobile number goes in the mobile position in the phones address book, that the home number goes in the home position and most importantly that the internet number goes in the internet position, utilizing the wtai://wp/ap; function.

If this is not possible then are there ways to achieve this?

Thanks in advance.