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    Carbode freezes while debugging

    Hi all,

    some problems with carbide express c++.
    I've installed the same packages (carbide c++, uiq3sdk, P990 emu) on two different computers.
    One is a Intel P4 the other one is a Athlon64.

    On my P4 building, debugging and running works fine.
    But on the Athlon64 carbide c++ freezes while a debugging session.
    It freezes at any breakpoint i've set. I have to reboot the machine !
    When I call the task manager with STRG-ALT+DEL sometimes the IDE comes back for a moment and I can see the creation of the thread tree in the debug window.

    I'm at the beginning and have created a "C++ Application for UIQ (3) Project" with the project wizard on both machines. I've added not one line of code. Only the wizard code is used.
    I use the P990 emulator. I've tested with another emulator, it is the same.

    What could be the problem? Are there any problems with Athlon64 platforms?
    Any suggestions?

    best regards

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