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Thread: mobile apps

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    mobile apps

    hi guys

    tell me which is the best application to start mobile development. here im not talking about pocket pc or smartphone. i want development on nokia s40 and s60. i can work on vs 2003 for pocket pc

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    Re: mobile apps

    If you want to cover both S40 and S60 devices with a single code-base, then you should take the J2ME (Java 2 Micro Edition) route. See the Carbide.j tool: http://forum.nokia.com/carbide

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    Hello Ferozkhan,

    Usually to start with any programming language is to start with basic HelloWorld program.
    Anyways first of all make clear yrself about the language you want to work with.
    You can work with Symbian C++, J2ME, Python etc... with mobile application development.
    Check out the following links.
    I hope they will be useful to u.



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    Re: mobile apps

    thnx guys

    i know c++ but not to the expertise level. im well versed in VB and dot net. tell me appforge crossfire is better on symbian c++

    thnx in adv

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    For appforge client you have to pay more money . Symbian c++ didnt require much expertise but require good approch . You check more thread for symbian c++.It will helpfull to you .

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