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    linker/compiler customization


    is there any way to customize the linker and the compiler settings used by Carbide?
    I'm fighting with this problem:
    which is giving me a lot of headache.
    Is it there any place where I could customize linker settings? I didn't find anything obviously useful int the project settings + GCCE.

    Again, my understanding (please correct me if I am wrong) is that GCCE is a "customized" version o f GCC , isn't it?
    So it should be customizable....

    Thanks for any hint.

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    Re: linker/compiler customization

    Selecting "Project" and "Properties" and then "C/C++ Build" will allow you to change settings and add commands/options for the linker and compiler. It sounds like this maybe the section you already tried, but that is where you can make changes/customizations.

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