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    Carbide.c++ Express - compiling problems


    I've been using Visual Studio and Carbide.vs so far, but lately I've started testing Express version of Carbide.c++. I wanted to do exactly the same thing as can be seen on screencast, but when I build 'HelloCarbide project' for ARMI (for emulator works ok) on 3rd FP3, all I can see are many errors starting from:

    d:\\Symbian\\8.1a\\S60_2nd_FP3\\epoc32\\include\\e32std.inl:3253: cannot declare member function `RPointerArray<T>::SpecificFindInAddressOrder' within `TIdentityRelation<T>'
    d:\\Symbian\\8.1a\\S60_2nd_FP3\\epoc32\\include\\e32std.inl:3253: syntax error before `{'
    d:\\Symbian\\8.1a\\S60_2nd_FP3\\epoc32\\include\\e32std.inl:3256: cannot declare member function

    What can be wrong?
    I've done exactly the same things like in screencast.


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    Re: Carbide.c++ Express - compiling problems

    Is this a project you imported from the SDK, or created via File > New? I can't think of a reason why you would be getting this error unless you selected the wrong SDK or somehow have a corrupted workspace.


    Matt P.

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